Cable Holder System

PEC Cable Holder System

The safe load transfer of heavy wires and cables in tunnels, shafts and other utilities requires a stable fixture and appropriate support brackets. The PEC Cable Holder System consisting of cable holders and cable retainer Cast-in Channels ensures a proper storage system for cables and power lines within a short installation time and adjustment possibility.

The Cable holder channels are made of hot-dip galvanized steel and are available with back anchors for concreting or as plain channels for the subsequent fixing with dowels. The integrated rip line enables a quick, complete and clean removal of the filler. The slots themselves are additionally covered to achieve an optimal protection against the penetration of liquid concrete.

Due to a stamped slot with a distance dimension of 7,5 cm, the cable holders fixing is possible in any corresponding distances.

PEC cable holder system

Advantages of PEC Cable Holder Channels

  • Easy installation on existing formwork or existing walls

  • Clean finish of concrete due to end caps

  • The penetration of concrete into the interior of the channel is prevented by a plastic foam filler

  • Easy removal of the filler by the integrated rip-liner

  • High corrosion protection by galvanizing

  • Can be cut on site arranging the anchors asymmetrically

  • Available in different lengths




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