Sandwich Panel Anchors

PEC Sandwich Panel Anchors (SPA)

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Sandwich panels are large multilayer, reinforced concrete façade elements. They consist of a facing layer, an insulation and a load-bearing layer. The main function of the PEC Sandwich Panel Anchor System is to connect the load-bearing and facing layers of sandwich panels and to transfer the forces acting on the facing layer to the load-bearing layer. In addition, restricting the expansion and contraction of the facing layer is avoided.

PEC-SPA Benefits

  • Quick and easy installation of anchors and pins
  • Reduction of mounting and planning effort
  • Safety through building authority approvals
  • EnEV-compatible with minimal thermal bridges through the fastening system
  • Sustainability through stainless steel (materials A4 and D4 acc. to
  • approval Z-21.8-2053, A2 on demand)
  • Allows production of sandwich panels in positiv and negativ procedure
  • Insulation layer thickness up to 400 mm possible

PEC Sandwich panel anchors



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Effective April 1st, 2020, Mr. Heinrich Nieder was appointed the new managing director of PEC Europe GmbH.

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