PEC Design Software

PEC engineers are dedicated to develop technically sophisticated product solutions

The PEC Design Software offers a reliable and economical way of optimizing Cast-in Channels. A user-friendly interface facilitates the quick and easy selection of the appropriate Cast-in Channels for every kind of situation. The design calculations are based on CEN/TS and European Technical Approval (ETA-13/0245) and Eurocode 2. PEC Design Software generates detailed output verification results which then can be submitted for the approval.

Free Download: PEC Design calculation software for Cast-in channels Version

Important note: Please use PEC Rail Software only for dimensioning of our PEC-TA Anchor Channels, according to ETA-13/0245! For the design of our PEC-HAC-C Anchor Channels based on design method EOTA TR 047/EN1992-4 (Eurocode 2) in combination with new European Technical Assessment (ETA-16/0929) please e-mail our technical experts at: PEC Team Technik.

PEC Software Features

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