Cast-in Channels Type TU

PEC-TU Cast-in Channels 

PEC-TU Cast-in Channels in concrete elements like columns or beams are an ideal way of fixing, trapezoidal steel sheets, windows and door frames as well as other construction elements with the help of self-taping screws. PEC-TU Cast-in Channels enable a safe, fast and very cost effective installation.

PEC-TU Cast-in Channels are available in three different channel types i.e. Type-A, Type-B and Type-C with a standard length of 3.000 mm. They are available in hot-dipped galvanized with zinc coating ≥ 50 μm according to approval Z-21.4-1886, stainless steel A4 and painted steel can be supplied on demand. PEC-TU Cast-in Channels are supplied with polystyrene filler to avoid that screws hit the concrete.

Types of PEC-TU Cast-in Channels 

PEC TU Cast in Channels Types








Advantages of PEC Cast-in Channels type TU:

  • Approved by the German Institute for Structural Engineering
  • Easy installation in the existing reinforcement due to different Anchor designs
  • Load-bearing capacity in all three directions
  • Technical sound, less slip connections
  •  Polysterene filler prevents the contact of the borers and screws with the concrete
  • Rational steel sheet screwing
  • Smoothly assembly without pre-drilling helps saving time
  • Solid packaging as required on job sites



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Effective April 1st, 2020, Mr. Heinrich Nieder was appointed the new managing director of PEC Europe GmbH.

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