PEC Customized Cast-in Channels

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PEC Cast-in Channels type ES for pre-cast lintels

PEC Cast-in Channels type ES for pre-cast lintels are available for the profiles 28/15, 38/17 and 49/30. The profile and the bended bar are produced in stainless steel. A specially profiled foam filler protects the inside of the profile against concrete seeping into the profile. PEC Cast-in Channels type ES are offered in 150 mm.

PEC angles for pre-cast lintels are also part of our product range.

PEC Cast-in channels type ES for pre-cast lintels

PEC Cast-in Channels with shorter anchors

PEC Cast-in Channels with shorter anchors for the special installation in thin concrete elements are available in 38/17.

Other profile dimensions are available on request.

PEC Cast-in channels with shorter anchors

PEC Cable Holder Channels

The Cable Holder Channels are made of hot-dip galvanized steel and are available with back anchors for concreting or as plain channels for the subsequent fixing with dowels. The integrated rip line enables quick, complete and clean removal of the filler. The slots themselves are additionally covered to achieve optimal protection against the penetration of liquid concrete.

Due to a stamped slot with a distance dimension of 7,5 cm, the cable holders fixing is possible in any corresponding distances.

PEC Cable holder channels



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